Tuesday, 30 November 2010

LOOK: Herbert George Ponting

Herbert George Ponting, FRGS (1870-1935) was a professional photographer. He is best known as the expedition photographer and cinematographer for Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova Expedition to the Ross Sea and South Pole (1910-1913). In this role, he captured some of the most enduring images of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.

WATCH: Brendan Codey - Emery Blagdon Saves Your Mortal Soul

Read more about Brendan and listen to his EP here.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

LOOK/READ: Alaska 1968

Opening day. June 7, 1968 - Sneed Adams & Dave Cassell strike out for Alaska.
C assell had returned from a year in Viet Nam.
Adams had returned from 16 months in India.
It was time to do other things and see other places.

Ektachrome color slides have started to loose their color.
Looking north up the spine of the Canadian Rockies.
The road to Jasper goes up this valley. The scenery along
this highway is some of the finest in the world.

One of the advantages of camping at elevation 6,700 ft. in July. Snow that is.
Not non English speaking French teenagers.

At camp in Eagle, Alaska. Dave reads from the book of Robert Service poems.

The Cremation of San McGee
There are strange things done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
The Arctic trails have their secret tails
That would make your blood run cold;
The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,
But the queerest they ever did see
Was the night on the marge of Lake Lebarge
I cremated Sam McGee.

Time has taken its toll on this slide of Dave crossing the same railroad bridge.

We loaded the Caribou onto the top of the scout and then put the canoe on top of the caribou. It looked funny but it worked. So we drove to Chitna looking like this. Must have been 300 miles

See more from this amazing journey here.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

WATCH: Gala Drop - Drop

DROP (from Gala Drop) from Antonio Contador on Vimeo.

Listen to more here.

WATCH: GvB's Top 12 Music Videos of 2010

Shabazz Palaces - Belhaven Meridian from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers from beeple on Vimeo.

See the rest here.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Atlas Sound - Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 & 2

Bradford Cox just posted up 2 free compilations, entitled 'Bedroom Databank Vol.1/Vol. 2'. All the tracks were recorded at home and Volume 1 includes a cover of Kurt Vile's 'Freak Train' and a cover of  Bob Dylan and Rick Danko's 'This Wheel's on Fire.' Both can be downloaded here.

Atlas Sound - "Wild Love" from The Tearist on Vimeo.

Friday, 19 November 2010

WATCH: Take Pride in America

Cold Splinters just posted this video, entitled 'Take Pride in America', from 1987 which aimed to reduce the American public's destruction (littering, vandalism etc) of their own country. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Superb song! Nice video! Listen to more here or here or download his Cyanide Sister EP that the track's off here.


Zambian Rock Reissue: 3LP/Book Box Set and 2CD/Book

Following its issues of three essential albums - WITCH's
 Introduction and Lazy Bones and Amanaz's Africa - from the genre, Now-Again Records presents Dark Sunrise, an anthology of Zambian "Zamrock" godfather Rikki Ililonga and his groundbreaking band Musi-O-Tunya. The anthology surveys Musi-O-Tunya’s rarely heard 7″ singles – not just the first psychedelic rock music, but the first pop music independently released in Zambia – their debut album Wings of Africa and follows Ililonga’s solo career in its first stages, with hisZambia and Sunshine Love albums. Stones Throw is offering an exclusive pre-sale of this anthology; it is out everywhere good music is sold on 11.23.10.

This anthology contains 31 tracks of unique music that channels James Brown’s raw funk as well as Jimi Hendrix’s fuzzy psychedelia; music that flirts with Fela’s Afro-beat and Congolese rumbas and simultaneously brings the blues of Taj Majal back to Africa. Production of this anthology was overseen by Egon in conjunction with Ililonga himself and took place over a period of two years, during which time Ililonga journeyed to his home country to collect photos, ephemera and – of course – the landmark music that he and his band recorded.

Packaged as a 2-CD hardbound, full color book (with the bonus 7”-only tracks which are NOT available in the LP format) and a 3-LP box set that contains exact reproductions of
Wings of AfricaZambia and Sunshine Love. LP version contains the same liner notes as in the CD version, but in an oversized full color booklet. 

WATCH: Our Vanishing Wilderness (1970)

“40 years ago, a small crew of filmmakers set out to document some of the more pressing issues involving wildlife in America. They made eight half-hour films around the country–it ended up being the first environmental tv series in the US. Shot in 1969, the issues weren’t new, but hadn’t been handled much yet on television–the medium had yet to embrace the environmental movement”

Watch it here.

Monday, 15 November 2010

LISTEN: Spectrals

Spectrals - Peppermint from Dan McEvoy on Vimeo.

"Spectrals is the solo project of Louis Jones, a UK lad inspired by 60s and 70s Motown with a garage rock edge. Like many of the bands recalling the past, Spectrals have one eye looking back and one looking forward. Today’s song comes from the band’s recently be released EP, Extended Play(Moshi Moshi Records). “Chip A Tooth (Spoil A Smile)” is a slow dance number that sways along with soul inspired instrumentation and Jones’s vocals."

LISTEN: Dead Drums - Carousin' USA

Just came across this guy over on http://yvynyl.tumblr.com/ and asolutely love it! Take a listen to his latest EP here and be sure to check out his previous work on there too. Dreamy stuff!

"New work by Baltimore’s Dead Drums is super mellow jams. The EP is called Human Hair. The standout track “Carousin’ USA” has the easytime feel of a lazy hammock sesh, with the brim of your hat pulled low over your eyes and a hot glimmering horizon line view. You rest the book you’re reading on your chest, close your eyes and get transported to Caleb Moore’s magical dreamwaves. Bottom line: you need this. And it’s free."
               via http://yvynyl.tumblr.com/  

Sunday, 14 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: Grateful Dead - 30 DAYS OF DEAD

We're on a mission to make a miracle every day. As a token of our appreciation for making 2010 an epic year, we're giving away a high-quality 320Kbps download every day this November. That's 30 days of Dead! Intrigued? We're also going to put your knowledge to the test and give you the chance to win some great music from the Dead.

If, like me you missed the first week and a half of free downloads, you can catch up over here!

WATCH: Hjørundfjord and The Sunnmøre Alps

WATCH: Eastern Sierra Hiking Trails

VISIT: Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten is an archipelago and a traditional district in the county of NordlandNorway. Though lying within the Arctic Circle, the archipelago experiences one of the world's largest elevated temperature anomalies relative to its high latitude.

LISTEN: Bruce Springsteen - The Great White Boss

With the upcoming release of Bruce's 'The Promise' and the new live videos that have been popping up on You Tube over the past few days, mine and Ida's excitement levels have reached an all-time high. I've been digging around and looking for classic Bruce bootlegs and came across 'The Great White Boss', a crackly bootleg, jam packed with everything that I love about Springsteen. Atmosphere, epic stories, the very best musicianship and the ability to take me to other places. One of the highlights of this 2 Disc set has to be the hilarious extended intro for The E Street Shuffle and the story of Clarence and how he joined the band.

"We figured, any guy at four in the morning, dressed in white, walkin’ like no rain with a saxophone was not to be messed with, was let to walk on by…”

Two of the LPs in this three-record boxed set are drawn from Bruce Springsteen’s early-show performance on August 15, 1975, at the Bottom Line club in New York, a set broadcast live on WNEW-FM. Springsteen’s stand at the Bottom Line, just prior to the release of Born to Run, helped to make him a national phenomenon, and you can hear why on this collection of songs drawn from his first three albums, along with such rock & roll covers as the Crystals’ “Then [S]he Kissed Me,” and the Searchers’ “When You Walk in the Room,” and Gary “U.S.” Bonds’ “Quarter to Three,” not to mention the extended introduction to “The E Street Shuffle,” in which Springsteen tells the story of how Clarence Clemons joined the E Street Band…
The Great White Boss includes a third bonus LP (at a 45-RPM running time) that features a version of Springsteen’s “You Mean So Much to Me” (later farmed out to Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes), recorded live in July 1973, on one side, and the never-released Springsteen songs “Don’t Look Back” (a powerful rocker that just missed being on Darkness on the Edge of Town) and “Action in the Streets,” recorded live in March 1977, on the other. With most of the album drawn from a radio broadcast, the sound quality is excellent for a bootleg.

Tracks 101 to 203 - Bottom Line, New York, August 15, 1975
Track 204 - My Father’s Place, Roslyn, New York, July 31, 1973
Tracks 205 to 206 - Music Hall, Boston, MA, March 25, 1977

Download the complete show over at Big Ozine.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

LISTEN: Sacred Harp

Hitta fler artister som Sacred Harp Myspace Music

"Hailing from Fredericksburg, VA, 20 year old Daniel Bachman utilizes a deft fingerpicking technique on old-time Americana-rooted steel string guitar & banjo, as well as transformative sitar-led ragas, with heady drones, psychedelic experimentation, and the occasional heartbreaking Civil War ballad added to the mix. In a review of FOTGC cassette, Chocolate Bobka, "In an age of scuzzy pop, blistering psych and assaulting noise, Sacred Harp plays just like it sounds. Sacred. The sounds of the Gods tinkering with the planet, tilted on its axis, singing to the beat of a star so far away we call it a Sun, and even then, we still don't know anything about it. It's primitive and pure, the sort of wondrous alchemy that could only be harvested by the most righteous of farmers. It's wondrous." Bachman has been touring regularly since 2007, crossing the mid flat states and hitting both coasts, and has shared the stage with such artists as Jack Rose, Prince Rama, Amen Dunes, and Paul Metzger."
Listen to more here.

WATCH: Bruce Springsteen - videos from "The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story"

Can't wait to get hold of this! See more here.

LISTEN: Canned Heat - Future Blues (1970)

WATCH: The Stevenson Ranch Davidians

"I made the trek out to Stevenson Ranch to meet up with the Davidians one rather hot Sunday afternoon, far beyond any sense of urban infill, out deep into the belly of sprawling fast food chains and KB tract developments -- although it actually isn't that long time-wise from LA proper, it certainly feels like it's in the middle of nowhere (unless you're the type that considers Six Flags "somewhere"). It was the kind of dry inland heat that's best served in well insulated, air conditioned boxes. I made my way through a series of cutely Spanish-named streets, lined with identical pseudo-Mediterranean homes, until I eventually reached Bryan's house at the end of a well-manicured cul-de-sac (now, I live in a tiny run-down apartment that was probably built in the late sixties on the cheap, and that was also probably the last time anyone gave any thought to its general upkeep -- that being said, I can't really condemn the obvious merits of suburban living)."

Read more here

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

LISTEN: Tony Joe White - Tony Joe White (1971)

I picked up this bad boy a few weeks back for a bargain 19 SEK (£2) in a second shop here in Malmö and hadn't previously heard it, but had seen it mentioned a few times and remembered that it had always been highly rated. If you're a fan of Creedence's swamp rock then this is a MUST for you...

"without a doubt, the singer with most sex appeal from the United States after Elvis. His movements on stage are horny, yet good-natured, and he enforces these movements with his incredible low pitched voice."

"At the rare moments when he is at home in Memphis, Tony Joe likes to stay put. He owns a lergish estate and keeps 15 horses - Indian-bred ones - "mainly because I jus' love to see them little foals when they're born."

"His music has been labelled 'swamp soul,' does he feel that this is an apt description? "Well, if it's gotta have a tag, I guess that'll take care of it," he said in those rich, deep tones."

Quotes via Leocort

LOOK: Lake Clark National Park, Alaska 2006

"Established in 1980 by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation ActLake Clark National Park and Preserve is a United StatesNational Park in southwestern Alaska. The park includes many streams and lakes vital to the Bristol Bay salmon fishery. The park allows a wide variety of recreational activities year-round.
Lake Clark has been called "the essence of Alaska", for it concentrates in a relatively small area of theAlaska Peninsula, Southwest of Anchorage, a variety of features not found together in any of the other Alaska Parks: the junction of three mountain ranges, (the Alaska Range from the North, the Aleutian Range from the South, and the park's own rugged Chigmit Mountains), two active volcanoes (Iliamnaand Redoubt), a coastline with rainforests on the East (similar to South East Alaska), a plateau with tundra on the West (similar to Arctic Alaska), and turquoise lakes.
No roads lead to the park and it can only be reached by small aircraft, floatplanes being the best method. The park, one of the least visited in the National Park System, averages just over 5,000 visitors per year."
The park is also known as the former home of the legendary Dick Proenneke. Read more about the park and Dick's cabin over on NPS.

See all 187 photos here.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

WATCH: The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (1977-78)

"While I know that this show was no emmy-winning fare, it brings backs memories of my youth and gaining an appreciation for nature and all animals.

Somewhere in all of us, lies that Walden-esque desire to abandon the trappings of modern life and live in the wilderness among nature. While this was merely a television program, and undoubtedly fraught with errors and impossibilities (i.e. raising an orphan cub to be your "buddy"), it allowed for soles young and old to live out that Western fantasy, albeit vicarisely. I miss those days curled up with a pillow on my Grandma's floor and imersing myself in Grizzly Adam's world."

via IMDB

Watch the rest here.

Monday, 8 November 2010

LISTEN: Bobb Bruno - Look Out the Window So They Won't See You Crying

Beautiful song! Need to hear more! Off his upcoming album 'Mellow Dramas.'

Listen to more here.

WATCH/LISTEN: Boardwalk Empire meets The Brian Jonestown Massacre

I'm just about to watch the 1st episode of 'Boardwalk Empire' and it's safe to say that I've probably never been so excited about a new TV series before. I hit play and to my surprise, the opening credits featured 'Straight Up and Down' by The Brian Jonestown Massacre! Wow. Listen to the full song above.

LISTEN: Kevin Greenspon - Machine Shop

Sunday, 7 November 2010

LOOK: Alaska in the 1950s & 60s

See more here.

LISTEN: Bobby Jameson - Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest (1965)

Following up my BJM post from yesterday, I thought I'd post a few songs up for your listening pleasure. This is a great album. A true lost classic. Definitely a must for fans of Love, The Byrds, Tim Buckley etc. Just came across this excellent review from Julian Cope, which you can read here.

The Love comparison my friend Paul made is right on the nail, the songs here sound like dead ringers for "Da Capo"era Arthur Lee and Bryan MacLean, especially Love numbers such as "Que Vida" and "Orange Skies". What's really unique about this record is that it's folk rock without Beatles overtones. In fact Chris is backed on several tracks by what sounds to be a jazz group (kinda like on Tim Buckley albums like "Happy Sad" and "Lorca")

I also just discovered that Bobby Jameson has several different blogs, each covering various aspects of his life. Really interesting stuff! Read more here

LOOK: Manning Park, British Columbia, 1982

See more here.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

LOOK: Around the Globe in 1974

"In june 1974 my father took me on a trip around the globe. Bangkok, Sydney, Camberra, Fiji, San Franciso and New York were cities we visited."

 See the entire trip here. 

LOOK: Extreme Bivouacking

WATCH: So Sweaty Mini Docs

Can't wait to see these!

I’m starting to plan the first of (hopefully) many short documentaries, focusing on my home state of Michigan and the Great Lakes.  I’m really excited about this and other projects on the horizon for So Sweaty.  Basically just take awesome trips/adventures with buds with a little HD point and shoot.  Super simple.  I love you all.

LISTEN: The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Something Else

It seems Anton has renamed/numbered all the tracks he's recently posted on You Tube into the form of a new album. You can listen to it here or here (see above also). Is this the finished album? Who knows! The Brian Jonestown Massacre are still my favourite band and I'lll always welcome something new. There aren't too many favourite bands out there who constantly evolve like Anton and co and keep things so interesting, yet alone, give you the chance to listen to new material as it's recorded. I've not heard the album all the way through yet, but have heard most of the songs and this album seems to draw on all the previous albums for inspiration and sounds in places like the BJM I first fell in love with, whilst still sounding like another step forward. 

Check out these great videos of Anton in the studio during the recording of his cover of Bobby Jameson's  'There's a War Goin' On'. I'd never heard of Bobby Jameson before, but after hearing this track wanted to find the album with this track on. The album is titled 'Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest' and was released under the name Chris Lucey in the US and Bobby Jameson in the UK. You can download it and read more about it here (direct link not working, so you need to scroll down the page a bit to find it!).

Friday, 5 November 2010


Do It With Joy (1976) from adam humphreys on Vimeo.

Genre: Documentary film, 27 min 00 sec, Colour
Produced by: Nicholas Kendall
Directed by: Nicholas Kendall
Distributed by The National Film Board of Canada
British Columbia has a reforestation program to restock vast tracts of land stripped by logging companies. DO IT WITH JOY is about a unique community: a group of people from widely varying backgrounds who come together each spring to plant trees in the vast logged areas of northern British Columbia.
For all of them, tree planting is a source of income, but more importantly it is a chance to share in the building of a self-sufficient community for the few months of the planting season.

via the ever reliable Cold Splinters and Orca Productions

LISTEN: Braden J & The Family

Laid back, folky musings from Bradford J McKenna and The Family. Good times!


I just discovered these beautiful photos and had to share them. I was hoping to do a similar journey this year, but it fell through and I didn't really have the money anyway. Maybe next year...

You can see more here.

LISTEN: Grass in the Garden (a folk-inspired mix)

My friend just sent over this "folk-inspired dreamy mix", which you can listen to above. Enjoy!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

WATCH: Real Estate featuring Bradford Cox - Mind Games (John Lennon Cover)

VISIT: Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve is a United States National Park in southeastern Alaska. It was established in 1980 by theAlaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. The park area is included in an International Biosphere Reserve and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest national park in the United States by area, covering an area of 20,587 mi² (53,321 km²), or over 13 million acres(53,000 km²). In fact, it is larger than nine U.S. States, and its size is comparable to the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Photo via Secondary Reality

Photo via Marie-Lauren Even
Photo via  robert_vst

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