Sunday, 7 November 2010

LISTEN: Bobby Jameson - Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest (1965)

Following up my BJM post from yesterday, I thought I'd post a few songs up for your listening pleasure. This is a great album. A true lost classic. Definitely a must for fans of Love, The Byrds, Tim Buckley etc. Just came across this excellent review from Julian Cope, which you can read here.

The Love comparison my friend Paul made is right on the nail, the songs here sound like dead ringers for "Da Capo"era Arthur Lee and Bryan MacLean, especially Love numbers such as "Que Vida" and "Orange Skies". What's really unique about this record is that it's folk rock without Beatles overtones. In fact Chris is backed on several tracks by what sounds to be a jazz group (kinda like on Tim Buckley albums like "Happy Sad" and "Lorca")

I also just discovered that Bobby Jameson has several different blogs, each covering various aspects of his life. Really interesting stuff! Read more here

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