Thursday, 11 November 2010

LISTEN: Sacred Harp

Hitta fler artister som Sacred Harp Myspace Music

"Hailing from Fredericksburg, VA, 20 year old Daniel Bachman utilizes a deft fingerpicking technique on old-time Americana-rooted steel string guitar & banjo, as well as transformative sitar-led ragas, with heady drones, psychedelic experimentation, and the occasional heartbreaking Civil War ballad added to the mix. In a review of FOTGC cassette, Chocolate Bobka, "In an age of scuzzy pop, blistering psych and assaulting noise, Sacred Harp plays just like it sounds. Sacred. The sounds of the Gods tinkering with the planet, tilted on its axis, singing to the beat of a star so far away we call it a Sun, and even then, we still don't know anything about it. It's primitive and pure, the sort of wondrous alchemy that could only be harvested by the most righteous of farmers. It's wondrous." Bachman has been touring regularly since 2007, crossing the mid flat states and hitting both coasts, and has shared the stage with such artists as Jack Rose, Prince Rama, Amen Dunes, and Paul Metzger."
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