Wednesday, 27 October 2010

LISTEN: Brendan Codey

For fans of Nick Drake, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Elliott Smith, Bon Iver and cold winters.

"Recorded throughout January and February, deep into a recent Chicago winter, "a bottle house vernacular," was inspired by certain visionary and outsider artists.

Beneath the healthy smother of reverb, multiple-part lyric-less harmonies stack atop doubled and tripled gut string guitars, percussive implements, and the very occasional bass drum or xylophone.

This marks the first of several eps Brendan Codey plans to self-release on his label, blueeyed boy, as he parses a constantly growing backlog of songs and projects recorded while wood-shedding through different genres during recent years.

Brendan Codey is a foghorn trigger and rapscallion lover of dusk, five o'clock, and shadow. He was born onto the east coast sometime in the late seventies and is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Currently, he abides in Philadelphia, PA, where he labors in labor."

via Brendan Codey (be sure to download the first track for free!) and Yvynyl

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