Sunday, 17 January 2010

Pop Levi

I never got around to listening to Pop Levi's second album and from what I read, it didn't live up to the high standards set by his first album. His first was a perfect mixture of acid folk and glam rock and one one of the best of 2007. 'The Return to Form Black Magick Party' was released with almost no recoginition and I still can't believe he didn't do better. All of his songs are at their heart, sing-a-long pop songs, each with their own memorable chorus. It's pretty hard to read about Pop Levi without hearing the name Marc Bolan and rightly so. If Marc Bolan was still alive, I'd imagine he wouldn't sound too different. That's not to say this album sounds like its from the 70s, as it definitely sounds like a modern record, but whilst Devendra Banhart sounded like early Bolan, Pop Levi sounds more like the glam Bolan with splashings of  Beatles style psychedelia. Both of his albums are on Spotify, so be sure to give them a listen (See links above) and make your own mind up! If you don't have Spotify, here are a couple of videos off his first album:

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