Sunday, 17 January 2010

Frank Fairfield - S/T

I first came across Frank Fairfield when reading the January issue of UNCUT last month, where the album received a 4-star rating. Frank is only 23 years old, but looks like he's come straight from Depression-era America. He's toured with the Fleet Foxes, who are big fans of his and released this, his debut album last year. The album features everything you'd expect from a Depression-era album, with fiddles, banjo playing and stomped front porch-style beats. A few reviews I read gave the album poor reviews, saying that it's just an album full of imitations. That's a pretty idiotic thing to say imho, as even though all the songs are traditional folk songs, they're all performed in his own unique style which give them a new lease of life. Plus, people have been covering many of these traditional songs for years and years and has always been a big part of the folk music scene. Anyway, if you're at all interested in country or folk music, you won't be disappointed with this album.

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Tom said...

I just caught Frank at the Pickathon festival outside of Portland last weekend. We shot some footage of him dropping jaws at the wood stage as he was the last act before Bonnie "Prince" Billy and everyone had no idea what was about to happen. We found him playing three more times after that......kid is special.

markida said...

Nice! I'd love to catch him live sometime! Have you heard of Dylan Leblanc? Check him out if you haven't! Well worth a listen. Thanks for stopping by!

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