Wednesday, 5 May 2010

NEW DISCOVERY: Tonstartssbandht

I've seen their name dotted around various blogs before, but it wasn't until I read that they'd released a c20 that features covers of songs by a Swedish prog band that I finally decided to check them out. It features covers of 3 songs by Pärson Sound ("Sov Gott Rose Marie", "Tio Minuter" and "Beautiful Crystal") and also a cover of  "It's Only Love" by Pärson Sound in a later incarnation & continuation as International Harvester. Three of the four songs that were covered are also available on Spotify in their original format.

Tonstartssbandht - It's Only Love/Sov Gott Rose Marie

Listen to Pärson Sound on Spotify

Listen to Interntational Harvester on Spotify

There are also a few songs on their Myspace which are well worth a listen and I've included the video for the amazing 'Black Country' below. The song takes the guitar break from Big Country's 1983 hit, 'In Big Country' and fuzzes it up into something completely new. Hopefully you'll hear something you like on here and go check them out yourself, just as I'm going to delve deeper into their music! If you need something to entice you even further, take a read of Dusted Magazine's review of their album, 'An When'. Also make sure you take a listen to Pärson Sound and International Harvester on Spotify! Not to be missed!

Tonstartssbandht "Black Country" from Con Artists on Vimeo.

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