Tuesday, 4 May 2010

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: This Is Head - 0001 (2010)

I got back from a mini tour with Swedish band This Is Head on Sunday night, after playing shows in Oslo, Gothenburg and Jönköping (at Popadelica) and have obviously by now heard the band quite a bit. Their album has been one of the best received new releases of 2010 here in Sweden (See here) and the band have been compared with everyone from early-U2 to Ennio Morricone. Critics have placed them somewhere between Manchester's Factory Records (e.g. New Order's Ceremony),  the krautrock scene of the 70s and the recent influx of balearic inspired pop. And this is one of the reasons the album is such an enjoyable listen and so complete. Each song sounds like it belongs on the album, yet the band is able to fully incorporate all their influences without the album seeming uneven. They sound like U2 one second (0007), the next Ennio Morricone/Pink Floyd/Joy Division (0012), the next The Cure (0013)...
"The masterful centrepiece ‘0003′ sprawls like a startled behemoth. Slowly awakening and brooding before breaking free of its ambient, and Vangelis echoing, beginnings and ripping a hole in the entire track with a crash of guitars. This turns the track into something not unlike King Crimson at their most open minded. However, when opener ‘0009′ kicks off, you’d be hard pressed to believe what lay ahead. Its bouncing pop beats and chiming guitars is the love child of New Order and The Cure on their way to Top of the Pops. This Is Head are mixing a massive palette of influences, distilling the best bits and forcing them into something new and wonderful." TLOBF
The album is mostly instrumental, but every song is so well structured that there's never a dull moment. I'm not one for writing long reviews, so check out the bands Myspace, watch the videos below and if you have Spotify, listen to the album on there; if you ever get the chance to catch these guys live, go to see them, as these songs are even more powerful live!

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dave said...

Nice! Thanks for the introduction to This is Head! I'd never heard of them, but I dig the sound, and definitely hear the Morricone comparison. If you're into Morricone, you should check out my Spaghetti Western Concept Rap album, called "Showdown at the BK Corral." It's basically a Spaghetti Western over 9 tracks - very influenced by Morricone. I'd love to hear what you think of it! You can download it for free at sunsetparkriders.com

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