Saturday, 17 April 2010

White Fence - S/T (2010)

White Fence is Tim Presley. He's singer for Darker My Love, has played in The Fall (on 'Reformation') and is also a member of one of my favourite bands of the moment, The Strange Boys (although he's only credited on their Myspace for vocals and laughs). The album has been compared to those of a lot of my favourites from the 60s, including Love, The Byrds, Skip Spence, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, The Who etc. You get the picture! The comparisons aren't too far off the mark either and makes this a must for any fans of said bands!

"Wander into the sweltering Cali smog to find yourself transported into a lysergic pop netherworld, where White Fence carves broad strokes of color into your mind. Coming on like Love in a Lollipop Shoppe, or Chris Knox abusing a Voxm the record oscillates between a sun-dappled English meadow, a crumbling SoCal suburban bedroom, and a riotous Sunset Strip leather gang knife fight, with the kind of warped precision and purity that marks the wolves from the sheep and the profound from the pretend in this instant online age. You know what I mean."   Woodist Records

"There's hardly a minute of this debut that doesn't remind you of something else, but never in an objectionable, copying sort of way. What you're hearing, if you like 1960s psychedelia, are the skewed, very personal observations of a guy who has the same records as you do, who loves them deeply, but would never stoop to xeroxing them."    Dusted Magazine

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