Friday, 23 April 2010

The Roots x Jim James x Joanna Newsom x John Legend

Rumours are flying around that the new album from The Roots will feature tracks involving Jim James (My Morning Jacket), John Legend and Joanna Newsom. ?uestlove posted a video of him "recording the joanna newsome jawn...." on his Twitter yesterday, so it seems the rumours are true. However, whether or not it means she's going to sing/play on the album isn't clear and maybe she might just be sampled. Exile had previously sampled her for Fashawn's track 'When She Calls' and I just discovered a hip-hop remix of her 'Milk Eyed Mender' album entitled 'Milk Eyed Gangster', which you can stream/download here. I reeeaallly can't wait to hear this album!!

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