Monday, 19 April 2010

Kurt Vile - God Is Saying This To You... (2009)

Up until now I had only heard the excellent 'Constant Hitmaker' and 'Childish Prodigy', but I was just browsing around on Spotify when I noticed they'd just added 'God Is Saying This To You' and I knew I had to listen to it! Anyway, as I've been listening to it I've been reading through a review I came across over on Hippies Are Dead and I think it captures the feel of the album perfectly. The key word used in the review for me is probably 'organic'. The album drifts effortlessly from song to song like a vulture soaring high over the desert in the summer. The review also talks about how the album is at heart a great pop album, with some excellent songwriting, but still manages to push the boundaries enough where necessary to become something more than just a pop album. And it's exactly those two elements which make the album what it is: the songwriting keeps the experimental parts in check and the experimental parts help keep the album interesting. The album is out now on Mexican Summer, where it seems to suggest this is his latest LP, even though it was actually released before 'Childish Prodigy'. Strange!

"More than a mere odds-n-ends collection, Kurt Vile’s latest LP is a compilation of tracks from Overnite KV, a tour-only CDR, along with a handful of extra tracks recorded specifically for this release. Here we find Kurt solo, four-trackin’ as usual, and blowing minds with his mix of bluegrass guitar, blazed singer-songwriterisms, and the knowledge of how to balance these contexts out with laidback precision. Psychedelic to its core, these twelve tracks speak to the will of the casual perfectionist, honing his craft with effortless aplomb. You’ll be hearing plenty more from this Philadelphian wizard in the months to follow, and we’re happy to keep the ball rolling with God Is Saying This to You…"

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