Thursday, 22 April 2010

ONE TO WATCH: Arkansas Bo

I get an e-mail from NPR every day with their 'Song of the Day' and yesterday's song was 'Arkansas Sound' by Arkansas Bo. When I initially saw the e-mail I thought to myself "who the hell is that?!". Anyway, I clicked on it and to my surprise it was a rapper from Arkansas! 
"Arkansas Bo is Marlon Jennings, a member of the duo Suga City and one of the South's best little-known rappers. Though he possesses a smooth flow and specializes in funny punch lines, he has yet to get his due. This might have something to do with the state from which he hails. As he notes in "Arkansas Sound," just about every other part of the South has gotten its national hip-hop props, including Georgia (home to OutKast), Tennessee (Three 6 Mafia), Louisiana (Lil Wayne) and Mississippi (David Banner). "Why we the ones that everybody fail to mention / and my state lies smack-dab underneath the Mason-Dixon?"


The track's amazing and made me want to stick on Ludacris' debut album or some early Outkast. After listening to the track a few times I thought I had to check out the mixtape the track was off, 'The Notebook', and also check out Suga City. You can download the mixtape below, as I'm in the process of doing. It was released on the 17th March and after watching the below video for 'The Dream' and 'Monsta Nigga' I've got high hopes for it! It sounds like a perfect slice of southern fried hip-hop. Now where are my flip-flops and socks...

Download the mixtape here.

The Dream - Monsta Nigga - Arkansas Bo from Conduit Entertainment on Vimeo.

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