Sunday, 18 April 2010

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Alex Bleeker and the Freaks - S/T (2009)

I know I already posted about this album a couple of months back, but I hadn't heard the album then. I've been listening to the album the last few days and I just had to tell you all how GOOD it is! A few reviews I've read refer to this album as classic rock for our generation and it's pretty much bang on! This is a talented bunch of guys! I don't think I've heard an album involving any of these New Jerseyers that I haven't liked. Be it Real Estate, Julian Lynch, Ducktails or Alex Bleeker's recent solo 7", 'These Days'. All the albums have a similar sort of vibe, but sound quite different at the same time. Alex Bleeker and the Freaks have a really loose, jam style quality to them, complete with wailing guitar licks and Neil Youngesque melodies that are perfect this time of the year. The album plays works best as just that, an album. The whole thing blends into 26 minutes of carefree good times that always has me hitting play again as soon as it stops. The longer instrumental passages combine perfectly with the more 'song' based material, such as their cover of Mountain Man's 'Animal Tracks' and the transition from 'Summer' into 'Epilogue' is incredible. Although this was released last year, this is definitely going to be one of my most listened to albums of the year and I look forward to more releases from Bleeker & co.

Next on my list of bands to listen to are all the other artists on Under Water Peoples Records, which is home to Real Estate, Bleeker and company!

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Check out this interview with Bleeker over at Low Log.

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