Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Strange Boys - Be Brave (2010)

The Strange Boys' new album, 'Be Brave', was released 22nd February and is now available on Spotify. I'm on my first listen and it's not disappointed me so far. The album has thus far received some pretty mixed reviews, with most people sitting on the fence at 3/5 stars. They just have a sound that really appeals to me and have a nice combination of slower, more ballady moments blended with more upbeat, straight up rock n roll that make for a fun listen. The album seems to have a more varied sound than their first, with elements of country ('Friday in Paris'), blues, rock and folk evident throughout. This was never going to be a groundbreaking album, but it's as good as any other garage rock albums out there today and now that the sun is finally shining here in Sweden, it feels like a perfect time for an album like this.

Listen to 'Be Brave' in Spotify

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