Saturday, 6 February 2010

Youtube Playlist: Top100 Greatest Obscure Hip-Hop Tracks

 I came across probably the best hip-hop site I've ever been on yesterday. I'm a big fan of hip-hop and hip-hop in the mid-90s has always been one of my favourite periods in music's history and is probably up there with the 60s/early 70s for me. Anyway, whilst browsing the site I came across a list entitled ''s 100 Greatest Obscure Tracks' and had to check it out! The list can be downloaded as 10 separate parts in mp3 format, but I thought I'd take a look on You Tube first. To my surprise, 89 of the 100 tracks were up on You Tube, so I begun making a playlist with them in and listening as I went along. I've heard of maybe three-quarters of the artists mentioned, but have heard hardly any of these tracks! They all capture the period perfectly and create a perfect atmosphere that transports you back to hip-hops golden age. Stick it on, sit back and relax. Enjoy!

Open Playlist in You Tube

13 – Slow Burnin’
Ahmad, Ras Kass & Saafir – Comewiddit (Fredwreck Remix)
Al Tariq - No Question feat. Black Attack, Rawcotiks & Problemz
Bas Blasta – The Rhythm feat. Lord Finesse, Fat Joe, JuJu, & Godfather Don
Big L- How Will I Make It
Black Moon – Murder MC’s
Black Rob- Permanent Scars
Black Sheep - Similak Child (Homogenized Remix)
Boogie Down Productions – Questions & Answers (Remix)
Boogie Down Productions - We In There (ATCQ Remix)
Brand Nubian – Allah U Akbar (Remix)
Brand Nubian - Step Into Da Cipher feat. Serge, Mastro Manny & Snagglepuss
Brother Lynch Hung - Had 2 Gat Ya
Children of The Corn - I Remember When
Chubb Rock – Three Men At Chung King feat. Red Hot Lover Tone & Grand Puba
Da Fat Cat Clique – Da Flow feat. The Man They Call Lux, EST, Rugged Ruff
Da King & I - Tears
Darc Mind - I’m Ill
Dark Skinned Assassin – Unholy
Dark Sun Ridas – Time To Build (Ultra Marsalis Remix)
De La Soul – Ego Trippin’ Part III
DEL - Undisputed Champs feat. Pep Love & Q-Tip
Demasters - Feel No Guilt feat. Nine
Diamond D – Hiatus (Remix) feat. The CRU
Diamond D - Sally Got A One Track Mind (Showbiz remix)
DMX - Can't Touch The Kid
Dre Dog- The Ave
E Money Bags - Regulate feat. Prodigy & Majesty of Live Squad
Eightball - What The Fuck Is The Eightball
EPMD - Brothers From Brentwood, L.I.
Erick Sermon - If You Don't Know Like I Know feat. Trigger, Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C.
Erick Sermon - The Ill Shit feat. Kam & Ice Cube
Fab 5 (Heltah Skeltah + O.G.C.) – Blah
Fesu – War With No Mercy
Fierce - Crab
Funkmaster Flex - Six Million Ways To Die feat. Nine & Tragedy
Godfather Don – Burn (Remix)
Gova Mattic – Family Day feat. Redman, Tame One, Pace Won, Young Zee, Roz Noble & Runt Dog
Grand Puba - Fat Rat
Hard 2 Obtain - Ism and Blues
Joe Sinistr - Under The Sun
Kilo G. – Release Me feat. Pimp C.
Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo - 2 To The Head feat. Ice Cube, Scarface & Bushwick Bill
Kool G. Rap- Mister Mister
Kool Keith – Yo Black (Buckwild Remix)
Kurious – Mansion And A Yacht feat. Sadat X & Mike G
Leaders of The New School – Classic Material (Diamond D Remix)
LL Cool J - Crime Stories
Lord Finesse – Shorties Kaught In The System
Mac Dre - California Livin
Mac Mall - Let's Get A Telly
Main Source - Set It Off feat. The LOX
Mase - Drug Wars
Masta Ace – The B Side feat. Paula Perry & Lord Digga
MC Serch - Back To The Grill (Remix) feat. Chub Rock, Red Hot Lover Tone, Nas & O.C.
Mean Green – L.A. Finest feat. Mykill Miers
MF Grimm- So Watcha Want Nigga
Mic Geronimo - Three Stories High feat. Royal Flush
Mobb Deep - First Day of Spring feat. Tragedy Khadafi
Mobb Deep- Cop Hell (DJ Premier Remix)
Money Boss Players - What U Sayin
Nas - Street Dreams (K-Def Remix)
Naughty By Nature - It's On (Beatnuts Remix)
Nine - Me, Myself, and My Microphone
N-Tense – Raise The Levels of The Boom
Nubian Crackers – Do You Wanna Hear It? feat. The Artifacts
O.C. - Born To Live (DJ Eclipse Remix)
Omnisence - Touch Ya'll feat. Sadat X
ONYX - Purse Snatchaz Part 2 feat. Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigga Tha Gambler
Penthouse Players Clique - P.S. Phuk U 2 feat. DJ Quik & Eazy-E
Planet Asia – Full Course Meal
Private Investigators - Mash Up The Mic (Remix)
Rahsheed - Industrypartybumrusha
Ras Kass - Music Business feat. Xzibit
Real Live - The Turnaround (Remix) feat. Tragedy and Capone
Saafir - Light Sleeper (OG Mix)
Sadat X – Escape From New York feat. Pete Rock & Deda
Sadat X - Lump Lump (Nubian Remix) feat. Grand Puba & Lord Jamar
Sham and The Professor So-Low-Ist (Kenny Dope Remix)
Shorty Long- Shorty Doing His Own Thang
Shyheim – Licka Shot
South Central Cartel – West Coast Gangsta Team feat. Spice 1, Ice T, MC Eiht & 2Pac
Strictly Roots - Begs No Friends (Remix) feat. Fat Joe & Grand Puba
Tasc 4orce – Takin’ No Shorts
Tha Alkaholiks - Relieve Yourself (O.G. Version
The Artifacts - It's Getting Hot (K-Def Remix)
The Artifacts – Who I Am
The Beatnuts – Hellraiser (Remix)
The Roots – Proceed III feat. Bahamadia
Top Quality – Magnum Opus
Tragedy Khadafi - Street Life (Return of The Life)
Trendz of Culture - Off & On (Lord Finesse Remix)
Trendz of Culture - Who Got My Back (Remix) feat Method Man & Treach
UGK - It's Suppose To Bubble
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Raise It Up (Remix)
Yaggfu Front - Slappin' Suckas Silly (Diamond D Remix) feat. Diamond D
Young Zee - Stay Gold feat. Lauryn Hill
YZ - When The Road Is Covered In Snow



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