Friday, 5 February 2010

The Soft Pack - S/T (2010)

 This is the first release from the U.S. military outpost based band under their new name The Soft Pack, after they buckled under media pressure to change their name from 'The Muslims'. The album is up on Spotify and the standout track on my first listen was probably 'Pull Out', which sounds kinda like a softer Misfits song, especially in the vocal department. I came across a sweet live video of them on Vimeo and the song sounded much rawer than on the album and even better for it. I'll have to listen to the album a few more times before making my mind up, but the first listen flew by, with the albums ten tracks clocking in at under 30 minutes.I'm left with the thought after the first listen that whilst it's a pretty fun listen, I don't know if it's anything special. But maybe after a few more listens my opinion will change.

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The Soft Pack 'Pull Out' from Felipe Lima on Vimeo.

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