Friday, 29 January 2010

Love - Love Lost (2009)

 In 1971 Arthur Lee begun work on what would be a new Love album, 'Dear You', but for reasons unknown the project was abandoned. Sundazed recently unearthed the session tapes and they are presented here as 'Love Lost' (2009). A fair few of these songs will probably be familiar to Arthur Lee fans (12 of the 14 if you're a big fan!), as he revisited and reworked them for his upcoming solo albums, including the brilliant 'Vindicator'. I haven't actually heard the album yet, but have been listening to a few of the tracks included on 'Vindicator' which appear on 'Love Lost' and look forward to hearing these earlier versions. I've included a few of the 'Vindicator' tracks below, which if you haven't heard before, are absolutely essential!

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