Thursday, 28 January 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM (2009)

I never really got round to listening to Charlotte's last album, 2006s '5:55', even though it received generally solid reviews (3.46 on Rate Your Music). As with her first album, this one also features help from  another fan of Serge Gainsbourg in Beck. 2002s 'Sea Change' was heavily influenced by Serge's 'Histoire de Melody Nelson', with 'Paper Tiger' sounding almost identical to Serge's 'Melody'. It is still probably my favourite Beck album and I love Serge Gainsbourg, so I thought I had to give 'IRM' a chance. It's finally on Spotify and definitely has hints of both Beck ('Heaven Can Wait') and Serge's (the cover of Jean-Pierre Ferland's 'Le Chat Du Cafe Des Artistes') sound, with Beck co-writing as well as producing throughout the entire album. That's not to say the album isn't diverse, as it covers a mix of styles and there are even hints of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ('Trick Pony') and Marc Bolan ('Dandelion'). I think it'll take a few listens before I can fully make up my mind on it, but at this early stage, it definitely sounds promising.

Listen to 'IRM' on Spotify

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