Saturday, 12 December 2009


If you enjoyed my recent Real Estate post, then you'll love Woodsman and like Real Estate they're also on Mexican Summer. The video below is for their song 'Sunglass' is a perfect accompanyment for the blissed out, woozy feel of the track. It kinda has a similar feel to something by Brightblack Morning Light, in the way it almost seems like nothing is happening, but in the best possible way. The track is available on their new album, 'Collages', which can be downloaded at Mexican Summer, but has not yet been released on vinyl.

Woodsman - Sunglass from woodsman man on Vimeo.

From the green forests of Denver comes the debut album from Woodsman, an instrumental quartet with roots in nature, post-rock of the mid-‘90s Tortoise/Cerberus Shoal/A Minor Forest variety, and a sense of epic grandeur that ties the whole thing together. Killer from nose to nuts, with 19-minute monster “Mothershift” taking top honors; it reminds us that one ton of feathers is just as crushing as one ton of lead, if properly positioned.

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