Friday, 18 December 2009

Real Estate - Real Estate

I've finally got round to getting their debut album and it's easily in my Top 5 albums this year. Although most people have labelled it a perfect summer album, it's been really snowy here of late and the album has a lethargic quality to it that goes perfect with the snow. Plus the last track on the album is called 'Snow Days'. I'm sure it'll sound great all year round! Their sound kinda reminds me of Clientele (see video below) in that it has the same hazy dreaminess to it that you can get lost in. They do have a surf-rock edge to many of their songs too and have a hint of Beach House's late night sleepiness to them. This album wouldn't be out of place alongside some of Modest Mouse's slower, dreamier songs (Drammamine, Edit The Sad Parts). The comparisons could go on and on, but they DO have their own sound and I like it. I've already made two earlier posts on these guys, so be sure to check those videos out too if you haven't already and give these tracks below a listen.

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