Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Ganglians are yet another band to emerge from the label that has brought us Woods, Crystal Stilts, Real Estate and Kurt Vile...Woodist. This year saw the band release both a self-titled mini-LP and a full length album ('Monster Head Room'). I haven't yet heard their self-titled mini-LP, but have been listening to 'Monster Head Room' this past hour or so and have thoroughly enjoyed my listening. The first song to really jump out at me was 'Valiant Brave', which kinda reminded me of Devendra Banhart's 'Seahorse' in the way it exploded into life after a gradual build up. The song also includes some killer flute work and has a really great atmosphere. Elsewhere, the rest of the album has some really nice acoustic songs ('Cryin' Smoke' and 'Lost Words') and some general acid-folk/psych style songs that fans of Devendra Banhart, The Beach Boys and Grizzly Bear alike should find appealing. Anyway, time to listen to it again...

"This album is pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to, at least that's what was going through our heads." - Ganglians

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