Wednesday, 1 December 2010

LISTEN: River James - Arlington

"Inspired by Earl Swift’s collection of essays “Journey On The James” about a man’s journey along the entire James River, from its trickling mountain origins in Virginia’s Northwest corner to the mile wide mouth at Hampton Roads, four friends – Vintz, Scoops, Tyler, & Jacob sought to recreate the journey for themselves. Early in the summer of 2010, they packed up 2 canoes with camping supplies, food, & musical instruments and set out on a month long excursion along the 410 miles of the James. Along the way, they encountered landscapes & characters unique to the Lover’s state, stopping often to take in the surroundings, strum guitars, and beat drums to the pulse of the waters."

This sounds like it's going to pretty special! Even on my listen of 'Arlington', I already know I'm going to love their upcoming EP. Read more here.

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