Wednesday, 6 October 2010

LISTEN: Wooden Wand - Wither Thou Goest

The prolific James Toth reissues his super-limited CD-R (which came mounted on a block of woodn and was originally released in April) on slightly less limited (300 copies) vinyl via the Blackest Rainbow label. This might be thought of as a warm-up release for Wooden Wand's forthcoming Young God album ('Death Seat'), due in a few weeks' time. For all Toth's dalliances with bigger indie labels (e.g. career highs like Second Attention on KRS or James & The Quiet on Ecstatic Peace) he always seems ready to turn out a new batch of songs under far more lo-fi and unassuming circumstances, often resulting in some of Toth's most interesting writing. The outsider country and desiccated acoustics of this set reveal a selection of real gems and hopefully the bigger budget of that forthcoming Young God album won't detract from the bareness and openness of songwriting as featured here. Recommended.

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