Tuesday, 28 September 2010

WATCH: Mounmental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America

From the moment David Brower first laid eyes on the beauty of the Yosemite Valley, he fought to preserve the American wilderness for future generations.

The story of a true American legend,
Monumental documents the life of this outdoorsman, filmmaker and environmental crusader, whose fiery dedication not only saved the Grand Canyon but also transformed the Sierra Club into a powerful national political force, giving birth to the modern environmental movement.

Seen through Brower’s own eyes - he was an accomplished filmmaker, and his stunning footage is included here - a 1956 raft trip down Glen Canyon, before its damming, evokes the awful sadness of losing public land we’ve failed to protect. And in period footage of Brower’s early rock-climbs (done in sneakers, with hemp ropes) and of his training in the 10th Mountain Division (who defeated the Nazis in the high Alps), Brower emerges as an unlikely and inspiring national hero.
Featuring music by The Beachwood Sparks, Fruit Bats, Yo La Tengo and more


K a i t l y n said...

Doesn't this look great? The original footage is amazing!

markida said...

Yup! Looks like a dream! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! You can buy it for a bargain £1.99 on amazon.co.uk! :-D

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