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DOCUMERICA: America's Desert Southwest in 1972 by David Hiser

Delicate Arch, the Most Famous Natural Arch in the Park. It Is in a Superb Raised and Isolated Location, Reached by a One - and - a - Half Mile Foot Trail. behind It, to the East, Are the Lasal Mountains, 05/1972n

For the DOCUMERICA Project (1971-1977), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities, and everyday life in the 1970s.

See more pics here & here. All the pictures on this page were taken in 1972 by David Hiser.
David Hiser chose his areas of coverage for his DOCUMERICA assignment, intentionally picking areas familiar to him. His photographs capture the striking landscape of America's Desert Southwest.
Backpackers on a Week - Long Hike through the Maze, a Remote and Rugged Region in the Heart of the Canyonlands, Camp Under the Shelter of a Towering Overhang. Because It Seldom Rains, Tents Are Not Necessary. Firewood Is Dry and Plentiful, 05/1972
Removing Live Plants from the Park Violates Federal Law, 05/1972
Frank Starbuck, Last of the Old Time Ranchers near Fairview Manages a Spread of 1300 Acres and 400 Head of Cattle. He Does It Alone Because It Is Too Difficult and Expensive to Get Help. Starbuck Finds It Easier to Feed His Livestock from a Horse Drawn Wagon or Sled than from a truck or tractor, 10/1972
Aspen Residents Help U.S. Forest Service Personnel Plant Seedlings at Marron Lake Campground, 12 Miles North of Aspen. The Native Aspen Trees in This Popular Camp Area Have Been Dying of a Root Disease. The USFS Didn't Have Enough People for the Replanting Job So Citizens Volunteered Their Services. Snow Covered Peaks in Background Are the 14,000 Foot Maroon Bells, 05/1972
River Trip Into Canyonlands National Park Conducted by Tag - Along - Tours of Moab. This Is a Short, Relatively Gentle Trip with a Few Small Rapids. Several Outfits in Moab Provide Such Trips. It Is through Them That Most Visitors to the Area Gain an Experience of Wilderness, 05/1972

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