Thursday, 23 September 2010

BOOK: Sarek - Vandringar i vår sista vildmark by Edwin Nilsson

Edvin 'Sarek' Nilsson was born in 1928 and has since his 20th birthday been working for the Swedish Forest Service within the national park municiplaity of Jokkmokk. In 1954 he also became supervisor for the Pärlälven reservoir, alongside his activities in Sarek National Park. During his time he acquired the name, 'parkvakten'/'Park Guardian', and nobody knew this magnificent  wilderness area and it's shy inhabitants like Edvin Nilsson. Here, in this book, with his short daybook style descriptions and fantastic photos, he describes his wanderings through the national park. 

(Roughly translated from the Swedish on the inside of the cover! I've only been here a year, so it might not be perfect, but you get the general idea!)

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