Monday, 30 August 2010

Orörda Vatten/Untouched Waters

Between June and September, I will spend 100 days in a territory where very few people go. The area is sometimes called Europe's last wilderness though it's a cultured landscape as well, influenced by human presence for thousands of years. In this region, there are seven national parks where fifteen mountain Sami villages have their reindeer pastures. During the days, I will take pictures, go on hikes and fly fish. I will cover all shorter distances on foot and longer ones with the help of Arctic Heli that will pick me up and drop me off at different locations during the 100 days.

The objective of the trip is partly to direct attention to Sweden's untouched land and waters. Hopefully, I can contribute to a discussion about development of watercourses in the north of Sweden. But more than anything, I wish to shoot beautiful pictures to show the world.

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