Sunday, 22 August 2010

Kevin Greenspon

The first song I played by Kevin Greenspon instantly made me think of Lost in Translation and that particular atmosphere. Being in a big city, with neon-lit signs and too many people late at night. Of course, the soundtrack to Lost in Translation played a massive part in creating this atmosphere and in particular the music of Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine. 

Kevin Greenspon inhabits a similar world and the few tracks I've heard wouldn't have been out of place on the soundtrack. People also seemed obsessed with trying to label music as either summer or winter music these days and if I had to pick, I guess you could go either way, but looking at the picture at the top of the page (off Kevin's Myspace), and maybe just because I'm looking forward to autumn/winter I'd go for winter. The songs, 'Eyes Forward Still' in particular, also kinda remind me of Low's music and in particular a review from an Amazon member of Low's 'Secret Name' which pretty much sums up Kevin's music too: 

"It is snowing outside and this stupid city is for once silent.
This is a Low moment.
The vocals of Mimi Parker and Alan Spearhawk are drifting around.
I'm going to bed."

Kevin has also run Bridgetown Records (home to Weed Diamond ) since about 2008. Kevin will be releasing his 'Common Objects'  LP on Family Time next month and will contain the track 'Threshold', which you can listen to below, along with several other tracks off previous releases.

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