Monday, 26 July 2010

VIDEO: Alex Bleeker on Sunday Brunch (Chocolate Bobka)

Sunday Brunch: Alex Bleeker from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

As you may have already noticed, I'm quite a fan of Alex Bleeker and pretty much anything on Underwater Peoples. Anyway, I just came across this awesome 10min video of an acoustic Alex Bleeker over on the excellent Chocolate Bobka. Alex is due to play at the Way Out West festival over here in Sweden with Real Estate next month and if I a) had the money and b) had a video camera I would be there in a flash and film something similar, but alas I don't have either, so videos like this are gold to me! Also, may I add that the colours in the video are particularly nice/vivid!

"A few weeks back, in the midst of the World Cup, we rangled a few friends over to view the semi-finals while broadcasting Sunday Brunch on Newtown Radio live from Bobka HQ. It was hot. Very hot. Especialy since our Comfort Zone had just perished. It didn't matter much though, as Budweiser's popped and friends played songs while footballers scored 'sick' goals. The word 'sick' was thrown around a lot. It was a grand afternoon, captured by Ray Concepcion. Take a peek at Alex Bleeker's performance, with more to come very soon."

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