Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Dead Meadow - Three Kings (2010)

Dead Meadow have recently released their latest album (read project), 'Three Kings.' The band have made a concert film that combines live band footage with fantasy sequences of them as the 'Three Kings' and also includes a separate soundtrack on CD/LP. Be sure to check out the clips below from the film.

"A stunning mix of fantasy film and multi-camera live concert footage, The Three Kings overlays the transcendental experience of the band's music with film vignettes of The Three Kings at work.  The Kings look into our mortal world where each of the three human characters we play are tempted by the dark side of things and each react differently. The package consists of an album that stands alone with live material and FIVE new studio tracks and soon to be classic concert DVD."

Never heard Dead Meadow? Listen to them on Spotify here.

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