Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Woods - I Was Gone 7" EP/At Echo Lake (2010)

Woods recently released a 7" EP entitled 'I Was Gone' on Woodist.
"...guess this new woods ep is a more unconscious approach to the written song. A side is a 3 part tape collage/head scratcher called 'Days Gone By.' B side features new easy breezy psych rock single, 'I was Gone' and the drugged out tribal child,  'Hang On.' its crunchy. take with some honey slides."
The title song will be on their upcoming album (11th May), 'At Echo Lake', which has recently leaked and is the only track I've heard off the EP. The track is pretty incredible and brings to mind The Byrds, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Bon Iver all in one perfect haze of psychedelia. The track is only 1min 53secs long and leaves you wanting more....and luckily it seems they give you that in their live shows:

Anyway, I've just put 'At Echo Lake' on (which I will be buying!) and after first track 'Blood Dries Darker' I already know this is going to be a favourite of 2010. Take a look at this AWESOME HD live performance of the track and tell me you're not excited to hear this!?

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