Tuesday, 27 April 2010

ALBUM/EP OF THE WEEK: The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bringing It All Back Home Again (1999)

I'm pretty gutted that I can't attend any of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Scandinavian shows, but rather than let it get me down, I thought I'd use their tour to revisit a few of their albums. I've always loved their acoustic songs and don't think there's a bad one in their catalogue. This and 'Thank God For Mental Illness' are, however, the only 2 acoustic-based albums they've released thus far and judging from Anton's more recent output I can't see another anytime soon!

'Bringing It All Back Home Again' is only 6 tracks long, but is a lazy and loose front-porch album for sunny days (if I had a front-porch that is!). 'Reign On' is perhaps the odd one out here, both in style and vocally (Miranda Lee Richards) but that's by no means a bad thing and along with 'All Things Great & Small' it's a perfect compliment for the other rawer tracks. The album is finished with the reworking of Charles Manson's classic 'Arkansas', as 'Arkansas Revisited', which was apparently recorded with Manson (see below). Whether or not this is true I don't know, but it only adds to the songs glorious 13 minutes and 26 seconds. If you've never heard any of Manson's work, be sure to check it out. 'Arkansas' is off 'Lie' and it's probably the best place to start!

Whilst none of the tracks sound like any particular Dylan song, when Anton sings:

"Well I've drank a lot of whiskey
And ate way too many pills
And I went around tight corners and
Had my share of spills
But I've survived
So come and get me, I'm alive"

You believe him. Just like you believe Dylan when he sings; and like Dylan, Anton's vocals are often underrated or misunderstood and on this album they suit the songs perfectly; from delicate to cocky, his vocals are spot on.

If you're new to the band this isn't a good example of the sound they became famous for, but it is highly recommended if you're a fan of folk, blues or country. Have a BBQ, invite some friends over, crack open a beer, stick this on and tell me this isn't good?? 

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