Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Top 200 Hip-Hop Albums of All-Time

Here are Rate Your Music's top 200 rated hip-hop albums of all-time and a Spotify playlist to accompany it! Not all the albums are included on Spotify, but the majority of them are. This for me, is the closest you can get to a real best of, simply because it's done on ratings and not just a particular persons opinion or a magazine or blogs. I might follow this up with a Top 500 list when I have more time! I was going to list them all below, but it'll take me forever, so just click this link to view!


TAIS said...

NIIIIIIICEEEEE Selection!!! Classic list my man!! Stumbled upon the website and love what I've read so far...


markida said...

Glad you like it! :D Will take a look at your site! Look out for some more lists coming soon! Peace

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