Thursday, 11 March 2010

Madlib Medicine Show No.3: Beat Konducta in Africa (2010)

The third installment of Madlib's Medicine Show is due out 23rd March and is entitled, 'Beat Konducta in Africa'. Stones Throw have made a couple of tracks available for download here. There are also a few video samples for you to check out.

"This album bases itself on the obscure vinyl gems from the afro-beat, funk, psych-rock, garage-rock & soul movements of African countries as diverse as Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Botswana and Ivory Coast."

And remember! "Odd numbers in the series are original albums by Madlib, even numbers are mixtapes."

Madlib Medicine Show 1: Before the Verdict  (Listen in Spotify)
Madlib Medicine Show 2: Flight to Brazil

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Madlib medicine Show No. 3

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