Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Don Cavalli

I just came across this guy now over on the excellent Aquarium Drunkard and as soon as I heard the opening guitar lick and drum beat on the Creedence Clearwater Revivalesque 'I'm Going to the River', I knew I was gonna like him. After listening to a few more tracks on his myspace page, it's clear that he's not just another White Stripes or Black Keys and tracks range from the blues to dub reggae style spaced out tracks complete with harmonica and extra reverb. What's more, this is the work of a 35 year old guy from Paris. Ok, as I type this I just found the whole album is available in Spotify and am gonna stick it on! As of yet it seems he's only released one album in 2007, 'Cryland', but be sure to check this guy out!

EDIT: After listening to this album on repeat today I have to say that it's held my interest the entire time and I'd recommend it to any fans of the blues, whether it be Robert Johnson, R.L. Burnside or Cream. Great album!


Listen to 'Cryland' in Spotify


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