Friday, 19 March 2010

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms (2009)

When I first heard about this album last year, I never really thought it'd be my thing, as I'm not that into electronic music and the terms chill-wave etc kinda put me off. Anyway, I randomly started listening to it yesterday and I must say that I really do like this album. It's not mind blowing or a classic by any means, but it's definitely gonna be getting some serious play time over the coming months. The first songs that really drew me in are 'Deadbeat Summer' and 'Terminally Chill', but the album is exactly that, an album and is definitely best when played all the way through. It's kinda like Daft Punk and Ariel Pink, in that it sounds quite Daft Punky in places, but has the mood/feel of an Ariel Pink album. Anyway, check out the videos below and take a listen for yourself.

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