Sunday, 7 February 2010

Supergrass - Road to Rouen (2005)

'Road to Rouen' was the first Supergrass album I ever heard. I'd heard plenty of their hit singles obviously, but for some reason had never got round to listening to any of their albums. I don't know exactly why I started listening to this album, but from what I'd read people had said it didn't sound like a typical Supergrass album and maybe that attracted me. For me, the album is a perfect road trip album, as it's got a perfect combination of laid backness ('Low C' & 'St Peterburg') and slightly more upbeat, rockier moments ('Road to Rouen' & 'Kick in the Teeth').  'Low C' is probably my most listened to track off the album, but the album is a complete album and is strong from start to finish and I'd recommend it to anyone who never thought they'd ever like a Supergrass album.

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