Monday, 8 February 2010

Lissie - Why You Runnin' EP

I came across this over on the excellent Aquarian Drunkard and have been listening to the 4 tracks available on her Myspace page. The review on AQ really sucked me in with their review and summed up her sound pretty damn well:
"Lissie’s debut, the 5 song Why You Runnin’ EP, sounds like a road trip through the deep South. A road trip where you’re riding shotgun, not driving, with the windows rolled down. At your feet is a paper bag full of old cassettes; Bonnie Raitt’s Give It Up, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Dylan’s Desire, Lucinda William’s Car Wheels. Traveling music. Lissie’s debut was made for such a road trip. It was made to be dubbed onto a cassette and tucked into that old paper bag along with the beer and cigarettes. So, really, it makes sense that Lissie left the congestion of the city for Ojai, a place where her music, with the windows rolled down, feels right at home."

I've only listened to the songs a couple of times, but they definitely feel very familiar, like an old friend you haven't met for ages. Lissie sits perfectly alongside the likes of Lucinda Williams and Neko Case and should have a bright future. I look forward to a full album release. The album was released in November last year and is available from Fat Possum Records.

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