Friday, 12 February 2010

The Amazing - S/T (2009)

Although I now reside in Sweden, I came across this Swedish band today over on Pitchfork and the review completely sold them to me, mentioning Nick Drake, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, The Flaming Lips and fellow Swede's Dungen in the same review. I immediately found the album in Spotify and it was one of the most pleasant listens I've had in a while. The album opens up with an amped up take on Fleetwood Mac's instrumental, 'Sunny Side of Heaven', this time complete with lyrics. Second track 'Dragon' sounds like Nick Drake and Belle & Seastian in equal measures, as does 'Beach House'. That's not to say there's no variation on the album, as 'Beach House' explodes into a fuzzed out stoner rock style haze of guitars, druggy vocals and thundering drums for the 7 minute epic, 'Code II'. The rest of the album pans out in varying fashion, and whilst it's largely an album of laid back, airy folk-rock (see The Byrds/CSNY style 'Deportation Day') it never gets boring, as songs shift effortlessly between grooves like an Albatross soaring high over the ocean. It sounds like a perfect summer album. All I need now is some sun to put it to the test...

Listen to 'The Amazing' in Spotify

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