Wednesday, 3 February 2010

1968...A Spotify Playlist

Following the 1970 playlist I posted a couple of weeks back, I decided to compile one for 1968, one of my favourite years in music. I compiled it with the help of Rate Your Music, a site that I came across only recently and is basically an IMDB for music. You can select a year or decade and look at the top rated albums. It's so much more rewarding than the usual magazine/blog lists you read, as it actually involves the general public. It's by no means perfect, but the lists for each particular year are excellent and I've found some great new music using them. I know everybody doesn't have Spotify, but it's the only software that allows the creation of lists like this and it's easy enough to get an invite for if you look around. Or pay for it, as it's well worth the money! For those of you that do, stick the playlist on shuffle, sit back and enjoy! Or, just take a look at the list!

                                 Open 1968 Playlist in Spotify

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