Thursday, 14 January 2010

Real Estate - Reality EP

Following up one of my favourite albums of last year (the band's S/T LP), Real Estate released this EP only a month after their deut album. The reason, according to the band, is that the songs on this EP were tracks they either wrote or recorded too late to be included on their LP. Also of note, is that apparently only one of the EPs tracks features all the band playing together. The rest were all performed by Martin Courtney.

The only real difference in sound between the LP and this EP are maybe that the EP sounds a little more desolate and sadder. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the almost solo recording of this EP or not, but that's what it sounds like. The standout track after my first listen is probably 'Younger Than Yesterday', which whilst keeping the bands trademark beach vibe could almost be unreleased Elliott Smith song. If you liked their debut as much as I did, you're sure to enjoy this 5 track EP.

"New Jersey’s Real Estate has successfully captured the sound of a late Sunday afternoon, in the dreaded hours before work or school claims your life again. The band’s sweet, loose pop ballads recall a modern-day Everly Brothers, drifting and dreamlike, as their tales of suburban indifference and insecurity mask your own fears. Six new songs, and not a moment too soon."

Real Estate - Basement

Real Estate - Younger Than Yesterday

Real Estate - Basement, 10.18.09 from Duke Chronicle on Vimeo.

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