Thursday, 7 January 2010

Peter Grudzien - The Unicorn

I'm not quite sure how I remembered his name, but I was just sat here thinking of what to listen to next and I had a vague memory of a pretty unknown guy who had been described as "a psychedelic Johnny Cash." I just couldn't rememer his name, so did a Google search for "psychedelic Johnny Cash" and lo and behold, I spotted his name on a random blog. I remember first listening to his album, 'The Unicorn', and listening to it on repeat until late at night and being amazed I hadn't heard of him before. I don't really know how to describe the album without sounding like every other reviewer, but the album really does sound like a psychedelic-country album with classical hints here and there and is probably unlike anything you've ever heard before. The album used to be incredily rare, but can be bought on Amazon for a bargain £5.96. Only two of his LPs (“The Unicorn” and “Garden of Love”) are commercially available, but the man himself claims to have written over 900 songs.Grudzien is apparently still active today and sells self-released CDs...

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