Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Strange Boys

 The Strange Boys released their debut album, 'The Strange Boys And Girls Club', earlier this year after having released their first EP back in 2004 ('States Newest Noisemakers EP'). As with many new bands, it's rare for me to actually listen to an album at it's time of release and I have only really got round to listening to their debut for the first time in it's entirety today. The band is on In The Red Records, where fellow garage-punks Black Lips and King Khan & The BBQ Show have also released albums. The band are from Austin, Texas and kinda sound like a rawer Brian Jones era Stones with Pete Doherty ('Up The Bracket' era) as the singer. The band play a mixture of RnB, garage psych and acoustic songs that barely last 2 or 3 minutes. If you're a fan of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's mid-90s work (especially 'Take It From The Man'), this will definitely appeal to you. Chech the album out for free on Spotify:

The Strange Boys And Girls Club

the strange boys -this girl taught me a dance. from george trimm on Vimeo.

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