Saturday, 5 December 2009

The 80s, Dylan and Tattoo You

Before I met Ida (3 years ago this Dec 18th!) I always used to have a problem listening to 80s period Dylan and Stones in particular. I guess I loved their earlier work so much I didn't want to ruin them by being disappointed by possible weaker 80s albums.

Anyway, over the last few years I have gradually started to appreciate Dylan's entire catalogue to the point where I pretty much love anything he's done. 'Saved' is a perfect example of something I would never have considered listening to until Ida said how much she liked his born again trilogy ('Slow Train Coming', 'Saved' and 'Shot of Love'). John Doe did a great version of 'Pressing On' from 'Saved' for the 'I'm Not There' OST:

This brings me to the Stones and their 80s work, which I pretty much haven't listened to. I know the hits they had, but haven't really listened to any of the albums. We pulled out Ida's 'Tattoo You' just before and even though I know it always receives good reviews, I was still surprised how good it was. It's quite a laid back album and has some nice songs. It'd make a perfect album to listen to while driving through Los Angeles at night.

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