Tuesday, 18 May 2010

NEW DISCOVERY: The Young Sinclairs

The Young Sinclairs apparently already have 4 LPs and 2 EPs behind them, although mostly on CD-R and tape from what I've read. Last year they released a vinyl only compilation entitled 'The Songs of the Young Sinclairs' of the best bits from their previous efforts and some new material (available on Kindercore). The band are also about to embark on a mini tour with my favourite band of all time, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I hit play on their myspace and turned on shuffle and was transported back to the mid-60s, when The Byrds were at their jangliest. With songs this good I'm amazed they've managed to remain so underground for so long! The band are part of a collective known as The Magic Twig Community, a group of friends who share equipment, jam together etc. Be sure to check out the other bands on there too!

I just came across a recent post about the band on GvB too, which mentions 3 upcoming summer releases for the band. Read it here.

The Young Sinclairs - Darling

The Young Sinclairs - Help You Decide

* mp3s courtesy of Weekly Tape Deck

The Young Sinclairs - Tribe

The Young Sinclairs - Engineer Man

* mp3s courtesy of Magnet Magazine

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